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  • You agree that you will not share your username and password to others, is prohibited other than you to access your account
  • I can make sure that my address and mobile number (mobile) is valid.
  • I volunteer, and do not regret doing the registration at this website. after seeing and weigh carefully.
  • I understand that the registration fee, irrevocable, and I will receive my order (webhosting servers, or websites package).
  • I understand that the costs listed, is to pay for web creation services, or payment of webhosting server, and then can participate in multi-commission system in this web.
  • As a buyer, and members, pledged, aware and understand the profit potential of this system, as recommended by
  • I am aware that spamming is forbidden, for it is, in promotion to earn a commission from this product, I will not do spamming.
  • I do not mind, my account and membership blocked , if later on there was a report on the activities that violate the rules, which I did.
  • I promise to abide by all rules set forth, by the manager of the website. And are willing to accept sanctions when violated. I realize that these regulations, made for the safety and comfort me, and all the members of this Website
  • The registration fee is determined in accordance, (starting 143 USD. Mlm + your service). CAN NOT REFUND OR PULL BACK. see table registration fee, please check it back

  • OWN WHM + 4 CPANEL 143 USD.
  • Other website type (web like facebook, forum, mlm web, web news, any web type..)  Cost: contact us
  • SERVER DEDICATED/VPS/OTHER SERVICE price listed in the web

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